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Experience the spirituality of Cyprus
without the stress of travel planning...

Let us guess...


You've been wanting to visit Cyprus for a while but...


  • You wonder if you'll find accommodation suitable for Muslim families

  • You worry that using taxis to get around will be expensive

  • You want halal food options without having to search TripAdvisor threads for hours

  • You are concerned that the dergah in Lefke will be hard to reach

What you'd really love is..


  • Beautiful, spacious and private apartments in the heart of Cyprus' Sufi community

  • Daily excursions to the island's historical and natural wonders with a private driver

  • An expert tour guide who shows you the locals' favourite halal restaurants

  • Accommodation in walking distance of the Lefke dergah, so you can pray fajr with local mureeds


We get it...

Our previous travellers also questioned whether visiting Cyprus was just too much hassle...

Take one of our previous clients, who was a solo female traveller.

She wanted to visit Cyprus to learn about Naqshbandi Sufism and also see the mountains and date palms she'd heard so much about.

She had visited other European countries alone, but had been told that Cyprus was harder to travel to solo. She worried about how safe and practical travelling to Cyprus would be.


We designed a 6 day tour that took care of every part of her trip, from the moment she landed at Larnaca airport.

Our driver picked her up from the airport and took her to the accommodation we had arranged in Lefke, which was an apartment within 3 minutes walk of the dergah.

She was surrounded by local mureeds who made her feel safe and connected to the local Sufi community. The apartments owners even checked in on her to make sure she was comfortable.


We also put together an itinerary of daily excursions to the Weeping Dervish Lodge, Troodos mountains, and Hala Sultan Tekke with a private driver, so that she could discover the best of Cyprus.

She travelled the island coast to coast in comfort, without having to figure out local transport routes.

She left Cyprus spiritually enriched after immersing herself in the history, culture and natural beauty of the island, as well as Sufi hospitality! She looks forward to returning to her 'second home' soon.

Read what our previous travellers have to say... and on Trustpilot too (click here)



We, group of 11 people just came back from a 3 night stay in Lefke with Simple Dervish including airport transfer. And it all went smooth. Great apartments, all walking distance from dergha. Will definitely book again!! Thank you

We offer tailor made 4 to 6 day spiritual tours of Cyprus...


...with something for every traveller, whether you want to rest and rejuvenate or trek the Troodos mountains.


  • Accommodation within walking distance of the dergah so you can experience salaah and dhikr with Lefke mureeds

  • Daily half and full day excursions so you enjoy the island's maqams and mountains, from east to west

  • A local driver and tour guide to show you the island's hidden gems, including the best Turkish coffee!

Our optional excursions include:

Hala Sultan Tekke

A mosque and mausoleum that marks the resting place of Umm Haram, the maternal aunt of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.


Weeping Dervish Lodge

A Sufi Lodge housing the tombs of two saints: Sheikh Mohammed Alaaddin Al Kandahari and Sheikh Mustafa Ahi Er Resmi Al Qadiri (the founder of the Resmiye sect of the Qadiri tariqa).


Seven Sahabas

Resting place of seven sahabas. who were martyred in a battle with the Byzantines during the first Cyprus campaign. The maqam sits on the shore of the Mediterranean, offering spectacular views at sunset.


Troodos Mountains

The largest mountain range in Cyprus, made up of towering peaks and glittering springs. Dotted around the mountains are Byzantine era monasteries and wildlife that is unique to the island.



This coastal town gives a glimpse into the island's Greek history and access to beautiful beaches



What if I only want to book a driver for airport transfers?


We offer various transport options, including transfers to and from Cyprus' three international airports. Book a call to discuss your individual or group transport needs with us.

I am only interested in visiting Lefke, is this possible?


Yes, we can arrange accommodation and transfers to and from Lefke. Our accommodation options include apartments, hotels and B&Bs. Book a call to discuss your needs.

Will the tour be expensive?


Our tours are competitively priced because we have longstanding relationships with local suppliers. By travelling with us, you also avoid the stress and added expense of booking accommodation and transport separately.

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